; Plisherrific: Purple Power - Color Club Eternal Beauty, Layla Cloudy Violet

May 9, 2013

Purple Power - Color Club Eternal Beauty, Layla Cloudy Violet

Behold! Feast your eyes on the purple madness below!

[Color Club Eternal Beauty]
Isn't it gorgeous? I'm totally in love. This is Color Club Eternal Beauty (what a terrible yet fitting name) from their Halo Hues collection. It's pure purple with a dense linear holo. The purple colour is still going strong under all that holo! Easily my current top ten nail polishes now. <3 

I also decided to compare it with Layla:

[Left: Layla Cloudy Violet
Right: Color Club Eternal Beauty]

On the left is Layla Cloudy Violet from their Hologram Effect collection (You can find a full swatch here). On the right is Color Club Eternal Beauty. Layla Cloudy Violet still wins in terms of holographic goodness, but as you can see, Color Club Eternal Beauty is not that far behind when it comes to holo density. In terms of actual colour, Cloudy Violet is more of a gray-purple while Eternal Beauty is a medium purple.

The two are different enough that you could get both. Personally, I prefer Eternal Beauty as I think it hit just the right balance of holo density versus colour.

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