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May 17, 2013

FavouRED - Milani Red Sparkle

I don't know if it's particularly noticeable, but over the past few months, my posts have been limited to just my usual weekly Monday post.

However, a couple of weeks ago, I passed an exciting milestone - I handed in my doctoral thesis and am officially on my way to becoming a regular working person! *gasp*

Now that I'm not immersed in writing and data analysis all day, I'm really hoping to get back on the blogging bandwagon which I admit really got dialed back while I was writing up. =)

Just to make this a plish-related post, here's one of my very favourite polishes - Milani One Coat Glitter in Red Sparkle!

[Bottle to nail: Milani Red Sparkle (2 coats)]
This is definitely in my top five, maybe even top three polishes that I own! It's just so simple, but so gorgeous. A perfect red glitter. Deep, but still bright and shiny!

[2 coats: Milani Red Sparkle]
As advertised, it's meant to be a one coat glitter, and it certainly is dense. This is two coats though, to make sure any bare patches were covered up.

[2 coats: Milani Red Sparkle]
The upper image shows Red Sparkle under diffuse light, where it appears like there are two shades of red glitter giving it gorgeous depth. The lower image is under direct light, showing the amazing shine. It tends to dry matte and is a bit of a topcoat eater though, so a generous layer of topcoat is best to show off this one!

[2 coats: Milani Red Sparkle]
I wore this mani a few weeks ago when my hunney treated me to a weekend trip to Melbourne, where lots of walking was done and delicious food was eaten! I haven't been on holiday to Melbourne since 2006, which coincidentally was where we visited on our first holiday together as well. =)

It's already gone in my thesis acknowledgements, but I'll say it here again! So much <3 to him for putting up with my thesis woes and general craziness! (...and also for bearing with the polish fumes that often waft through our house... =p)

...and that's enough for my self-indulgent post! Happy weekend, all!

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