; Plisherrific: Rainbow Red - Zoya Blaze

Apr 29, 2013

Rainbow Red - Zoya Blaze

A quick one today - rushing this one out, oops! Here's Zoya Blaze from the Ornate collection!

[Bottle to nail: Zoya Blaze (2 coats)]
Blaze is a gorgeous deepened red jelly with plenty of scattered holographic particles!

[2 coats: Zoya Blaze]
Great formula - this was two coats, I think? You get an awesome squishy glossy look and the holo particles are suspended evenly throughout. 

[2 coats: Zoya Blaze]
It has plenty of shine but was not quite as blingy as I expected, but then again, I'm an absolute sucker for glitter. ;)