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May 6, 2013

Cherry Chocolate - Cherry O's nail transfer foil

Back when my nails were longer, I went through a phase of using nail transfer foils because it looks so much better the more of a pattern you get on your nails!

[Bottle to nail: Cherry O's nail foil]
This one is Cherry O's from Dollar Nail Art - a bright cherry red metallic foil with holographic circles all over. I won't say too much about application because most of it has already been said in previous posts. =)

[Bottle to nail: Cherry O's nail foil]
As you can tell from the comparison - the circles appear much clearer on the foil before applying to the nail. This was because the topcoat I used did result in some wrinkling in addition to removing the holo effect.

[Nail transfer foil: Cherry O's]
Here's a before and after comparison. In the first picture above, my ring finger was left without topcoat and remains quite obviously holographic. The second picture shows what the foil looks like after topcoat.
[Nail transfer foil: Cherry O's]
Although the holo was lost, I still really liked the result! Especially the slight wrinkling, strangely enough, because it gave my nails the look of foil-wrapped chocolate hearts! You know the ones... those wrapped in bright red foil. =)

I have heard the Picture Polish's new base coat works extremely well over foils without wrinkling... so I might have to pick that one up and give it a whirl sometime!

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