; Plisherrific: Pink Ice - Revlon Levitate

Jul 9, 2012

Pink Ice - Revlon Levitate

I've been so busy since getting back! I will have to sit down one night and go through all my mani photos that I haven't sorted yet over the past few weeks (maybe months??)... Here's a not-so-oldie: Revlon Levitate, a pearly pink with strong icy-cyan shimmer. This was marked as limited edition and I found this in a bargain bin at the markets! Score!

[Bottle to nail: Revlon (3 coats)]
This is 3 coats but you can still see a hint of VNL (visible nail line). It isn't very obvious in real life but the photos make it more obvious.

[Revlon: 3 coats]
It was really difficult to capture the blue flash! In person, it's really very strong, and combines with the pink base around the edges to make a more purple/fuchsia-leaning shimmer. I've filed this under duochrome, but it falls in that strange category of duochrome only due to the contrasting shimmer colour compared to the base!


  1. Such a beautiful soft shade, perfect for summer evenings :) Wish I could see the blue shimmer!



    1. It's so difficult to take a pic of it on the nail! But hopefully you have a clue from the first picture of Levitate in the bottle. =)

  2. I love these old Revlon shades so so so hard! I definitely gotta check out the markets again soon!

    1. I love bin diving! It's always such a rush when you manage to find goodies! Good luck with your hunting!