; Plisherrific: Evening Glitz - Jordana Glitters LA City Nights

Jul 16, 2012

Evening Glitz - Jordana Glitters LA City Nights

Hello! Today I have a gorgeous glitter for you from the Jordana Glitters range. This is Jordana LA City Nights!

[Bottle to nail: Jordana Glitters in LA City Nights]
A dense glitter polish consisting of small purple glitter with larger blue glitter in a clear base. This is dense enough to give full coverage at 2 careful coats, but I used 3 anyway for maximum sparkle! It also makes an awesome sparkly polish for pedicures... ;)

[3 coats: Jordana Glitters in LA City Nights]
Isn't the colour combination just gorgeous! The formula is a bit thick, but you do get a good helping of glitter in each swipe so it's worth it. It evens out quite well but you do need a good thick layer of topcoat to get that perfect glossy look. Unfortunately I experienced some tip shrinkage with my quick dry (as you can see).
[Close-up: Jordana Glitters in LA City Nights]
A close-up to see the glitter combination... If I remember correctly, Jordana LA City Nights is pretty much an exact dupe of Milani Twinkle (from their One Coat Glitter collection). However, it's also cheaper and the bottle is larger! I'm really liking the prices and selection in the Jordana Glitters range!


  1. Wow!! So pretty! Where did you buy this polish? I love it!

    1. I buy my Jordana polishes from Cherry Culture. They often have sales on so if you sign up to their newsletter and wait a bit, there's usually 20% off sales every month or two! =)

  2. Very pretty! I still haven't found a Jordana stockist in Sydney, do you guys know where to get them?

    1. Sometimes I see random Jordana items in Sydney but they're usually pretty old items... so I usually get my Jordana polishes from Cherry Culture, especially when they go on sale! ;)

  3. Wow that is gorgeous. I'm learning about all these different nail polishes. I'm new to the nail art world so all I've ever used is drug store polishes. My only other option is to buy on line

    Good work!