; Plisherrific: Rose Redux - English Rose, Color Club Pretty in Platinum

Jul 18, 2012

Rose Redux - English Rose, Color Club Pretty in Platinum

I've been on a photo-editing kick and have got a whole bunch done over the past week. I'm hoping to do at least two posts a week (I don't know how you daily posters do it, but I sure admire you!) with one being a bit longer, and the other more brief. So here's a shorty for ya~ =)

[Foil transfer: English Rose over Color Club Pretty in Platinum]
This is English Rose from Dollarnailart. Jme has already shown this foil transfer before (check out her post here!) but this pattern was actually THE one that got me into foils... I now have a gabajillion foils but no time to try them out!

[2 coats: Color Club Pretty in Platinum]
In Jme's post, she used a white base, but I decided to go with a pearly greyed white, Color Club's Pretty in Platinum. Here it is at two coats.

I then slapped on some foil transfer glue and waiting for about 15 minutes or so till it was tacky. Then I pressed the foil over it and smoothed it down before removing the plastic part. Easy peasy fancy!

[I should've taken more photos...]
A couple of issues I sometimes have with foil transfers...
1) The pattern being too big for the nail... you end up not getting much of the pattern on your nail (see: pinky finger).
2) Most topcoats and all (?) quickdry topcoats will cause the foil to crinkle. Sometimes this will smooth out but most of the time it ruins the shine, so you need to experiment a bit to find out what works!

Ohdear... this "short" post is not very short, is it....?