; Plisherrific: Spotted while Shopping - Savvy dupes Sally Hansen Gem Crush

Jul 10, 2012

Spotted while Shopping - Savvy dupes Sally Hansen Gem Crush

So I popped by the shops yesterday evening and had a look at  some of the new polishes on the shelves this week! Sorry for the lack of pictures! I dropped by after going for a run and did not have any picture-taking devices handy.

The main point of this post was to mention the Savvy polishes that are currently available for $2.99 in Priceline!  The display was labelled as limited edition but there was plenty of bottles available. There were cremes and shimmers, but the glitters were really noteworthy because they were really shameless dupes of Sally Hansen Gem Crush!

[Savvy Frostbite (L) and Ginger Ale (R)]
I picked up two of them: Frostbite and Ginger Ale; dupes of Sally Hansen Gem Crush Showgirl Chic and Big Money respectively.

[Savvy Frostbite]

The glitter combinations are exactly the same! Frostbite is fine silver glitter with slightly larger blue glitter. Ginger Ale is fine gold glitter with slightly larger palest lavender glitter.

[Savvy Ginger Ale]
I saw dupes for Showgirl Chic, Big Money, Be-Jewelled, Blingtastic and Razzle Dazzler. Who knows if the others were duped too and were just sold out! For $2.99 a bottle, it certainly beats Sally Hansen Gem Crush at $9+! I was pretty amazed at the shamelessness of the dupe though, woooooow!

Priceline also has the new double-ended Essence polishes up and the display I saw was pretty much still completely full. They were mostly a creme polish on one end and a sheer shimmer topcoat on the other. It looks fairly interesting but I bought a bunch of shimmer topcoats while I was in Japan and didn't end up getting any.

Did anyone else pick up any of these dupes? Jme and I will have to do a dupe comparison post one day with the Sally Hansen Gem Crush vs Savvy glitters!


  1. Weren't the Gem Crushes mostly dupes of the China Glaze Eye Candy collection though?


    1. They are! I probably should've mentioned that! Since China Glaze isn't available in Australian drugstores like Sally Hansen and Savvy are, I decided not to include it in the price comparison.

  2. Wow Essence is now sold in Priceline!? I must check that out asap!

    1. Go go go! When I saw them, they were just put on a Revlon (or maybe Max Factor.. I don't quite remember) shelf.. they hadn't even switched all the Revlon advertising for the Essence ones!

  3. I bought a bunch of the Savvy glitters from Priceline too. I was actually going to buy the Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic until I saw Savvy Frostbite a little further up the aisle :-)