; Plisherrific: Oh, A Delicate Flower - English Rose, LA Colors French White

Mar 29, 2012

Oh, A Delicate Flower - English Rose, LA Colors French White

Ev gave me heaps of manicure-related fun things for my birthday, and I have been playing with foils! While I had a number of good results, they are rather hard to photograph. The slightest imperfection just leaps out at me when I use macro. This is the least problematic of my latest attempts!

[Base: LA Colors French White
Top: English Rose foil from Dollarnailart]
Hullo, hullo! Very eye-catching, and I received heaps of questions on how I did it. This resulted in me giving impromptu 'What are foils?' speeches when I wore this.

Sadly, I forgot to clean up the topcoat around the nails, and I accidentally used the same pattern for my pinky finger and my ring finger, oops. O_O  Most of the flower patterns are very large, and cover my entire nail, but I preferred the whites to be more visible, so I cut accordingly of course.

[Base: LA Colors French White
Top: English Rose foil from Dollarnailart]
The English Rose foil is very slightly grey-ish and not entirely opaque on its own. I tried using a very pale grey as the base once, but it made the mani look too faded instead. When applied, the foil also has the faintest white-blue shimmer, which is interesting to see from up-close (right-up-to-your-nose-close is what I'm talking about).

Overall, I loved how this one looked, and I think it's easier to apply than most of the other foils. I'm craving a blue version of this, and will hold out hope that Dollarnailart will read my mind on this matter.

By luck, I found out that the clear topcoat from Blush-amour can be used over foils without causing the usual wrinkling. All my other base coats and topcoats, even the non-quick dry ones, caused some measure of wrinkling.

Oooh, and here's a sweet piece of news! Iroshi gave us a Butterfly Award for our blog! :D  Thanks, Iroshi! It's an honour, and terribly flattering too!
Well, this entry seems so sparse of photos today, so I'll just include a random photo I took...

[A slice of Sydney at dawn]
This is very much a 'G'morning, Sydney' photo. So I'll use it to say: G'MORNING, EVERYONE! And how is your day going? :)


  1. I don't know if I've mentioned, but this was the foil that got me into the whole foiling stuff in the first place! I just love how it looks! Also, what is this Blush-amour topcoat you speak of? =o

    1. Ooh, I didn't know that. Well, excellent choice for a first foil! I think it's awfully pretty too.

      I don't even know where I picked it up, but I've had it for years and it seems to be in pretty condition still. Likely I got it from a pharmacy. You know us and pharmacies...