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Mar 3, 2012

Birthday Bonanza in a Bag

ALL THE PRESSIES FOR ME! Yesterday was my birthday and Ev had this package dropped off:

Pictures do this bag no justice because it is the perfect combo for me: Purple and sparkly! A++ choice! And if you're wondering, that's foil sticking out the top. Ev has this thing for foil. It's an unhealthy love affair. I don't remember when and how it started, but usually my presents come wrapped in foil. O_O

The above is the heart-warming hand-drawn card Ev had included. What a lovely sentiment. Yeah.


(And yes, the card was wrapped in foil too. I think Ev might have a problem.)

In one of the foil-wrapped packages, I got a hair treatment package and nail art stickers! I think Ev is trying to tell me I have terrible hair and I need more spice in my nail art. (In all seriousness, I complain about my hair quite a bit.)

I forgot to photograph a picture of the quick nail polish remover dispenser that I opened at this point. >_> So just imagine a bottle-shaped thing here!

WOOOOOOOO NAIL FOILS!!! I have always wanted to try those, but I have been putting that off. No more excuses!

Aaaaah, the amazingness of this holographic Glitter Gal plish, how beautiful are they, so beautiful. >3<

Klean! I did not know you had such gorgeous, eye-catching nail polishes in your collections! My eyes are no longer in pain! THEY ARE IN LOVE!

Yaaaaay, Ev is contributing to my neverending quest for the volumest mascara that ever volumed. And that's a tube of Mirenesse's Forever Lip Duo!


CH Nail magnetic polishes, an entire set omggggggggggggggg... I need more nails to sate my curiosity! :O

Phew, what a goodie bag, filled with so many awesome things! That's pretty much it, but wait, I just remembered...

The whole heap of foil used to wrap each of these pressies!

From the foil, I managed to make this. It expresses my feelings for all the gifts. :)

THANK YOU, EV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D


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