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Mar 16, 2012

Ev's "FrankenMarch" Entry - Awe-bergine

Hello hello, I know I said I was terribly busy and it is true! But I'm squeezing this post in with whatever free time I have. Jme and I entered another competition this week, this time a franken-making competition held by the talented Sarah Claire over at Shatter me Claire!

Before I start, apologies for the picspam - I just had so much to show! Picking which photos to put up was a real doozy... Anyway, I now present you with... Awe-bergine! 


Awe-bergine is definitely not your run-of-the-mill purple polish. A cool violet lit from within with orange sparkle, it's filled with sparkles and secrets! Blue and gold hints glitter, with green accents at an extreme angle. But look closer and spot the secret strands of sparkle scattered throughout!
So my idea for this was my current obsession with deliciously ugly combinations - in this case, purple and orange. My aim was to produce a rich glittery blue-violet with strong bright orange highlights. All the additional glitter was a bonus!

I've broken up the recipe a bit more so you can see my rationale...

Fill 1/3 bottle with Nubar Violet Sparkle >> majority of purple sparkle
+ 10 drops Ulta3 Orchid >> deepens base colour and increases opacity
+ 2 generous scoops of Burning Leaves Reflecks (TKB) >> majority of orange sparkle

+ 20 drops Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple >> adds orange-green duochrome glitter
+ 10 drops Maybelline Gives Me the Chills >> adds subtle orange bar glitter
+ 5 drops OPI Sparkle-icious >> adds hints of blue and gold
+ 1 scoop of Miranda Star Star Bites (TKB) >> purple-gold duochrome holds the look together.

(Do click to enlarge!)

The left is my first photo test in the sun - I was quite pleased with the warm glow contrasting with the cool blue-purple! While actually swatching Awe-bergine, I saw the most gorgeous view of the duochrome particles while looking down at the bottle of polish on my side-table so I snapped that pic on the right (click for maximum shiny goodness!).

I was initially worried that it would be too sheer and only useful as a layering polish...But! Awe-bergine has satisfying coverage at two coats and full coverage at three (also note the length of my nails and the mini bottle brush size).

I also thought all the glitter would make it a gritty nightmare but it applied evenly and dried surprisingly smooth, which I think is due to the jelly base in most of the constituents. YAY! Add topcoat, and it smooths out completely!

Also... party nails!! Haha, it's a crap picture which I took in the bathroom, but it's so festive without being too overt about it! Now for the macro spam...

Close-ups of glitter in the bottle and how it translates to the nail swatch. I only used 5 fat drops of Sparkle-icious but how dense is that blue and gold! Also, there's actually a great deal of bar glitter in Awe-bergine as you can see in the bottle. On the nail, it's just visible as tiny flashing stripes that add an interesting textured effect to the polish when the light hits it right.

Now since my initial plan was to have a strong orange highlight... how did it work out? Crappy pic, but it turned out pretty good! I put it down to the TKB Reflecks glitter pigment - it's sooo shiny and fine. From afar (thus the unfocused pic), you get a brilliant orange shine.

But not just that, somehow (through magical means I did not predict) in daylight, a strong royal blue shimmer appears. BONUS! =p I even have some pictures where the purple, orange AND blue are visible! Also, there's my little helper cat supervising my swatching technique...

And finally, a crappy unfocused pic as usual from the iDevice... Go go glitterbomb!!

Phew, that's all the frankenspam I've got for you today. Thanks for reading all of that babble! This is only my 5th franken (and miles away from my first few attempts) so I'm a teensy bit proud of myself, haha. I hope it was fun and maybe even informative! =)  I'm excited now to work more with pigments rather than sticking to mixing polishes.

Please do check out the other entries here, and if you liked Awe-bergine, I'd very muchly appreciate it if you voted for me!! Also, do have a look at Jme's breakdown of her entry as well!!


  1. The orange/gold really sets this apart from other purple glitters and adds something special...great work & good luck :)

    1. Thank you so much! There are so many other wonderful entries I haven't even decided who to vote for! =S

  2. D: ... I read this last night and literally yesterday afternoon I'd just bought a pair of earrings in a purple/orange combination...