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Aug 13, 2018

Poppin Pink - Tropez Rose Pearl

It's retro polish time! I recently did a big spring-clean of my polish stash and not only did a massive cull, but reorganised everything (Yes, I have a Helmer now! No, it doesn't fit all my nail polish...) and found a lot of beauties in my stash that I haven't touched for ages!

[Bottle to nail: Tropez Rose Pearl (2 coats)]
This is one of them - Tropez Super Pearl in Rose Pearl. I have a whole bunch of Tropez Super Pearl polishes because I was super impressed with how glowy the shimmer was and ordered heaps from the internet... =p

[2 coats: Tropez Rose Pearl]
Rose Pearl is really an amazingly glowy hot pink. You know when you swipe a shade on and it's just super packed with pigment. I still did two coats anyway as you can see, it looks very slightly jelly.

[2 coats: Tropez Rose Pearl]
It made me very happy seeing this bright pop of colour on my nails, especially on cold winter days! Can't wait to swatch all the other polishes I've rediscovered in my collection~!


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