; Plisherrific: Ring It In - Lacquistry Rediculous, Dance Legend Pretty Top, Dance Legend Amazeballz Holo

Jan 2, 2017

Ring It In - Lacquistry Rediculous, Dance Legend Pretty Top, Dance Legend Amazeballz Holo

It's the new year! Once more around the sun we go! Last year seemed to just rush by and I don't remember much of it somehow even though it was generally alright...! Hopefully 2017 will have lots of memorable moments!

[Lit as]
Here's my sparkly mani that I wore for NYE this time around. Nothing like a good classic red polish and extra holo bling...

[Bottle to nail: Lacquistry Rediculous (1 coat)]
My base is the super-gorgeous Rediculous from Lacquistry - sultry sexy sister in the amazing Amazeballz range. Check out our previous tag for all the loveliness from Lacquistry.

[1 coat: Lacquistry Rediculous]
Rediculous is absolutely amazing, but no surprise there. Full coverage in one coat and lovely glowy shine to boot. Of course, it's a million times better if you add a nice glossy topcoat!

[1 coat: Lacquistry Rediculous]
I think this would absolutely be a go-to for a classic red nail. It's a one-coater, quick drying and just the right amount of bling without tipping into cabaret mode... =p

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Pretty Top (tips); Base: Lacquistry Rediculous (1 coat)]
I then did a glitter french using Dance Legend Pretty Top, a glitter topper featuring small and large round glitter in gold and silver holo. I just carefully dabbed it on to get the glitter placement where I wantede.

[Base: Lacquistry Rediculous (1 coat); Tips: Dance Legend Pretty Top]
These photos don't really do the sparkle justice - it's definitely much more eye-catching in real life! The only thing I wasn't quite happy with was that I couldn't get as much glitter coverage on the tip as I wanted because the clear base that Pretty Top uses would have been overly thick on the tips....

[Base: Lacquistry Rediculous (1 coat);
Tips: Dance Legend Pretty Top, Lacquistry Amazeballz Holo]
So, a few days later I very carefully filled in the tips using Lacquistry Amazeballz Holo and it was exactly what I was after. Sorted!

Anyway, now that 2016 is over, I can look back and say I'm vaguely proficient at stamping (I hope!). So what's on the cards for the coming year? I've been meaning to actually use up my ever-growing stockpile of water decals and transfer foils, so I'll keep that in mind in the months to follow! =)

All the best to everyone and thanks for reading our little blog!


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