; Plisherrific: Silver Sand - Dance Legend Step 1

Jan 19, 2017

Silver Sand - Dance Legend Step 1

This will be a relatively short post about glittery holo!

[Dance Legend Step 1]
This is Dance Legend Step 1, and it's a silver holo nail polish. It's purely glitter in a transparent base, so you need at least 3 coats to reach full-ish opacity. But I find it's easier to put down a thin coat of silver chrome nail polish as a base coat before you start applying Step 1, just to make sure there's no tiny bald spot among the glitter once you're done. It was a very shiny nail polish and the holo was sparkling off my nails, which suited my needs perfectly.

The holo is hard to photograph under indirect sunlight, but you can see some of it in the second photo. I think my next post will feature a better photo of the holo glitter, because I use this nail polish as a base for a stamping mani, so stay tuned if you're interested to see more holo photos!


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