; Plisherrific: Chrome Dome - Maybelline Mirror Image

Jan 23, 2017

Chrome Dome - Maybelline Mirror Image

Haha, looks like Jme and I are into our silver manis this past week!

[Bottle to nail: Maybelline Mirror Image Step 2 (1 coat + base)]
Highly reflective chrome seems to be in at the moment (again!) so I dug out one of my vintage treasures to have a go at it myself! This is Maybelline Mirror Image, a two-step polish set consisting of a base, and then a silver polish (above) that dries to an amazing finish.

[Maybelline Mirror Image Step 1 & 2 (1 coat each)]
This is one coat of base, followed by one coat of the silver. I didn't use topcoat over the top in case it dulled the finish, so wear wasn't great which I think is pretty common with these mirror-finish polishes. These photos were taken after one day of wear and you can already see the tips chipping slightly. Also, all these super-reflective chromes do show up every ridge and nick on your nail! Eeek!

[Maybelline Mirror Image Step 1 & 2 (1 coat each)]
Still a great quick fix to get a high-impact eye-catching manicure! Jme has previously done a great comparison to Layla Metal Chrome, another mirror-finish polish, so check it out here!


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