; Plisherrific: Start with a splash - MdU Black, Born Pretty BP-L053, Revlon, LA Girl, Milani

Jan 5, 2017

Start with a splash - MdU Black, Born Pretty BP-L053, Revlon, LA Girl, Milani

Hello, 2017! How's five days of the new year treating everyone?

[Start the year with a splash...of colours!]
I decided to greet the new year with stamping (to keep with my 2016 trend) on top of gradient mani (callback to older manis I love).

You might recall my gradient mani from last week, which I go into detail here. Click that link if you want to see all the nail polish I used to create the mani, there's just too many to go into again. I rather loved the look of the diagonal gradient mani, and I wanted to prolong its lifespan, so I decided to stamp over it. You can see where it's chipped a little at the edges, and how that's mostly obscured by the stamped pattern. :P

[Born Pretty BP-L053]
I used MdU Black stamping nail polish, with a pattern from Born Pretty's stamping plate BP-L053, to stamp over the gradient nail polish. MdU Black is a really good stamping nail polish. It's a rather thick creme polish and it's easy to handle. I've put a magenta box around the pattern I used on BP-L053 above. As you can see from the pattern on the plate and the pattern on my nails, my nails are too narrow to display the full pattern, which is a shame because I like the spiky edges of it.

[Base gradient mani: Revlon Watermelon Fizz, Revlon Orange Fizz, Revlon Pineapple Fizz,
L.A. Girl Watermelon Splash, Milani Cyberspace, Revlon Blueberry Burst, Revlon Mystical, Revlon Mint Fizz
Stamping: MdU Black, Born Pretty BP-L053

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It's a nice stamping pattern and I just love how the colourful background looks through the stamped black lines.

All in all, it's taken me many months but I think I've come a long way with stamping, something I started trying in 2016. I still have some ways to go in terms of improvement, I think, but at least I'm much happier with the results these days. :)

Any nail polish new year's resolution, folks?


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