; Plisherrific: Leafy Greens - Born Pretty 101, Hit the Bottle Teal-riffic

Feb 29, 2016

Leafy Greens - Born Pretty 101, Hit the Bottle Teal-riffic

Last week was a successful stamping manicure, this week is a little bit less successful...

[Fail foliage]
[Bottle to nail: Born Pretty 101 (2 coats)]
I had a lovely lush green image in my head, but it didn't quite work out how I imagined!

I used a colour change polish as my base - Born Pretty 101, which shifts from a yellow-green when warm to a grassy shade when cool. 

[2 coats: Born Pretty 101]
Unfortunately my photos of this polish aren't great because it was stinking hot and I could not get it to properly shift to the 'cool' colour! Oh well, I admit I wasn't the most careful with application since I knew I was gonna stamp over it anyway..

[Bottle to nail: Hit the Bottle Teal-riffic (stamping); Base: Born Pretty 101 (2 coats)]
..which I did! With Hit the Bottle Teal-riffic, a green shimmer with a brilliant blue flash in light, and Born Pretty round stamping plate BP-19. 

[Base: Born Pretty 101 (2 coats); Stamping: Hit the Bottle Teal-riffic]
I had issues stamping for some reason and I wasn't very patient at the time (possibly because it was so hot!) so I'm not very happy with this look. Possibly that the stamping shade and base shade don't go together well (one leans warm, the other cool) and also scraping too much off the plate and not getting a nicely filled in design.

With that in mind, I'll definitely give it a go again soon though!


  1. OMG!!! This is so stunning! Love the base color and design. You really nailed it. Love it!

  2. One of my favorite plates. This looks very nice.