; Plisherrific: Glitter Grape - Emily de Molly Calibrated

Feb 11, 2016

Glitter Grape - Emily de Molly Calibrated

I have a number of Emily de Molly nail polishes that I haven't posted up yet and I don't even recall where I got some of them. Some of them are from Ev for my birthday, I'm sure. Anyway, here's another gorgeous one!

[Emily de Molly Calibrated]
Emily de Molly's Calibrated is a deep purple jelly nail polish with pink, purple and blue colour shifting flakies. It's one of the more subtle nail polishes with flakies. With the dark colour, my camera can't pick up the flakies as well. But you can still see the glitter of colour there.

I love the jelly look, which builds up to full opacity in three coats for nails as long as mine, but still has that squishy scrumptious look to it. Purple is always good with me so I like this nail polish, though I do wish the flakies were just a leetle bit more prominent.


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