; Plisherrific: Sea Scales - Polish Me Silly Blue Lagoon

Feb 18, 2016

Sea Scales - Polish Me Silly Blue Lagoon

I'm still on a multichrome flakie craze!

[Polish Me Silly Blue Lagoon]
This is Polish Me Silly's Blue Lagoon, which is a blue-greeny multichrome flakey in a clear base. The colour-shift is very obvious and so very pretty, helped along by the fact that the flakes are large and opaque. You can apply Blue Lagoon over any light or dark base polish and not lose the vibrancy and colour-shift properties, unlike the translucent colour-shifting flakies.

[Polish Me Silly Blue Lagoon against black base polish]
The flakie per bottle density is pretty good. You can't get to full opacity on flakies alone unless you dab them on a lot but they look stunning against most base polishes with colour.

I love the intensity of the colour-shift! I thought Blue Lagoon might be a tad boring and typical of colour-shifting flakies but it turned out to be pretty eye-catching and gorgeous.

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  1. OMG!!! This is stunning! This is something worth trying out. So classy and so perfect for special occasions.