; Plisherrific: Sand Sparkle - Emily De Molly Third Edition

Dec 17, 2015

Sand Sparkle - Emily De Molly Third Edition

Here, I have a rare work-appropriate nail polish. How unusual for me! :)

[Emily De Molly Third Edition]
This is Emily De Molly's Third Edition. It has a dusky silver base, gold flakies, silver glitter and a light scattering of holo microglitter. Smooth application and it's opaque with two coats. The overall effect is brushed metal or an almost sandy-looking nail polish, complete with a touch of glitter.

[Emily De Molly Third Edition]
I do quite like Third Edition because the dulled silver makes it look like such a sedate nail polish but on closer inspection, there's these other small glitter that catches the eye.


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