; Plisherrific: No Worries - Glam Polish Hakuna Matata

May 4, 2015

No Worries - Glam Polish Hakuna Matata

What's that? Holographic and multichrome polish? Yes, indeed! Two good things make an even better one!

[Bottle to nail: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata (2 coats)]
This beauty is Hakuna Matata from Glam Polish's You're Never Too Old To Be Young collection. As described on their site, Hakuna Matata is a "multichrome holo that shifts from Green-Violet-Blue-Red". I've tried my best to capture this so let's see how it went!

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
Here's our violet...

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
 Shifting to blue... (such a gorgeous blue too!)

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
...and finally a bright blue-leaning green!

I'm not sure if the red is all that visible, but that might be it on the edges of the nail. The colour shift from purple to blue and green is super visible, especially in direct lighting. I was super impressed!

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata (with flash)]
 The holo is less obvious in my photos as these are indoors but here's a crappy mobile phone photo with flash to show the holo (and bright green! <3)

[2 coats: Glam Polish Hakuna Matata]
Formula was great, I'm fairly sure these were 2 coats. Wear time was also pretty good. All in all a multifaceted polish with lots of character! Definitely one to pick up if you can. In fact, there are so many fabulous shades at Glam Polish that you'll be spoilt for choice!

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  1. This is so pretty!!!! I super love the color and the shimmer. I find it a very classy nail color. This I got to try out!