; Plisherrific: Iron Lagoon - LA Girl Chromium Green

May 18, 2015

Iron Lagoon - LA Girl Chromium Green

A quick post today, been absolutely flat-out every day for the past few weeks, erghhh...

[Bottle to nail: LA Girl Chromium Green (2 coats)]
Anyway, this here is LA Girl Chromium Green from their Metal collection several years ago. I kinda regret not picking up the whole set (although that said, I do have quite a few from that collection...).

[2 coats: LA Girl Chromium Green]
Now with a name like Chromium Green, you'd expect a brilliant emerald shade. Unfortunately, this is more of a greenish aqua. That said, it's still a gorgeous polish with a great brushed metal finish thanks to the heavy silver foil base.

[2 coats: LA Girl Chromium Green]
These were all two coats of polish, but you may be able to get away with one thick coat. Dry time was fairly quick and wear was pretty good as well! It's got me thinking that I'll have to revisit my other polishes from this collection... =)

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