; Plisherrific: Space Age - KBShimmer Showgirl

May 21, 2015

Space Age - KBShimmer Showgirl

I'm really surprised I hadn't swatched this until now. I've had it for ages.

[KBShimmer Showgirl]
KBShimmer's Showgirl is a black jelly with pink-magenta and black hex glitter, a scattering of holo micro bar and hex glitter, and holo square glitter. The glitter look kind of purple here under the strange light, but it's definitely more pink-magenta. I used a black polish underneath for a base because the black jelly would have needed four coats to cover the nail line.

The glitter was dense enough that two coats gave a lovely amount of coverage. I don't know why but this makes me feel like I'm looking at outer space, which I rather like.


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