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Dec 29, 2014

Static Rainbow - Solar Club Festival

Today I have what should be a colour-shifting polish, but isn't! Oh dear...

[Bottle to nail: Solar Club Festival (2 coats)]
This is Festival from the Solar Club Ruby Wing collection. Festival is a super sparkly large holographic glitter polish which gives full coverage in 2 coats. It starts off silver then shifts to a deep purple in the sun. Jme has previously posted about this polish here showing the amazing colour change on exposure to sunlight.

[2 coats: Solar Club Festival]
Unfortunately, my bottle doesn't seem to change in the sun anymore! The base seems to be tinted slightly gold so I wonder if the colour changing component has somehow been lost? The bottle has been stored cool and dark though so it's a bit sad that it doesn't shift shades anymore!

[2 coats: Solar Club Festival]
Nevertheless, it's still a super glitter and a great one for the party season!


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