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Dec 18, 2014

Positivity Dictionary - Fing'rs Edge Nail Tattoos

I found Fing'rs Edge Nail Tattoos on sale and just had to get them!

It comes with three different patterns, as pictured above. It was the one with the maps which tempted me the most. It also comes with a small beige white nail polish and a dark gray nail polish.

I tried the nail transfer page with the words on it, because I didn't want to try my potential favourite first and mess it up, heh. The words, as you can see, are all random and positive.

[Fing'rs Edge Nail Tattoos]
I could do two nails with each piece of transfer paper. Cut each paper in half before you start if you think you're going to use one paper for two nails. It will make your life so much easier.

As per the instructions, remove the plastic sheet over it, wet the paper and then apply the paper - make sure you've got the right side! - over the nail. The transfer comes off really easily onto the nails, too easily, to be honest. Sometimes the image came off before I had finished adjusting the paper. It would also come off perfectly for the most part but smoosh at the edges where I hadn't held it properly to the nail because of the way my nails curve. I really am amazingly clumsy.

In any case, it is rather minimal effort for something that looks cool, so I like it and am looking forward to trying the rest!


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