; Plisherrific: Sea Shards - Holika Holika 04

Dec 1, 2014

Sea Shards - Holika Holika 04

Blue-green shades are my guilty pleasure! Here's a jelly/shimmer/glitter mix that I picked up in Korea!

[Bottle to nail: Holika Holika 04 (2 coats)]
This is Holika Holika 04, yes... again with the nondescript number naming... At any rate, this is polish consists of a green jelly base with oodles of blue shimmer, giving it a teal look. There's also generous helping of small and large green hex glitter.

[2 coats: Holika Holika 04]
The formula wasn't too difficult to work with and there was a good glitter density - no fishing required! These photos show two coats of polish, topped off with topcoat. You may notice though that the large green hexes do seem a bit raised. Not enough to catch on anything at least, but you'll need a few layers of topcoat to get the surface completely smooth (which I didn't bother with).

[2 coats: Holika Holika 04]
Although it seems like a winning combination, nice pigment and lovely colours, for some reason, the final effect was just so-so to me! I guess perhaps it's neither here nor there in terms of sparkliness? I do like the extremes...


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