; Plisherrific: Cold Warmth - Zoya Blaze

Dec 22, 2014

Cold Warmth - Zoya Blaze

Another holiday-appropriate polish - this time featuring red and holo!

[Bottle to nail: Zoya Blaze (3 coats)]
This beauty is Zoya Blaze from the Holiday 2012 collection. Jme has swatched it previously in a comparison with LA Girl Sparkle Ruby (post here). These photos show Zoya Blaze as a full mani.

[3 coats: Zoya Blaze]
Zoya Blaze is a deep red jelly with lots of fine holographic particles - not dense enough for a linear flame, more of a scattered effect. The red leans slightly cool and the colour deepens quite a bit with each coat. I used three coats so the end result was a fairly vampy red with subtle sparkle.

[3 coats: Zoya Blaze]
Formula was great as always. The rainbow effect actually seems to get tinted by the red jelly base so you get more of a red/purple tinted sparkle than the full colour spectrum. A lovely holiday shade that's not too in-your-face!


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