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Jun 9, 2014

Jailhouse Rock - OPI Alcatraz... Rocks

I haven't been wearing polish very much this year, and following that, I haven't been purchasing very much at all either (or so I tell myself)! However, here's one I just could not resist after seeing some swatches online! 

[Sparkle motion!]
Multicoloured glitter? Texture AND sparkles?? Sign me up!

[Bottle to nail: OPI Alcatraz... Rocks (2 coats]
This gorgeous polish is OPI Alcatraz... Rocks from the San Francisco collection, a purple/navy shade loaded with multiple shades of glitter. At a glance, I can see lots of gold and purple, and hints of green and pink. Amazing!!

It's a liquid sand finish so it dries textured. Honestly it's not toooo textured, just a bit more than a bumpy glitter would be. Just the right amount of texture for interest, not too much that you feel like scratching it off or accidentally exfoliating your face...

[2 coats: OPI Alcatraz... Rocks (no topcoat)]
This photo shows the texture of this polish without topcoat. It's a fantastic formula which levels easily and is nice and opaque. These photos show two coats but I could have done with one careful layer with a loaded brush. 

[2 coats: OPI Alcatraz... Rocks (with topcoat)]
How about some topcoat though! Check that out! That's the beauty of textured polish (especially the glitters)... slap on some topcoat for a whole different look.

[2 coats: OPI Alcatraz... Rocks (with topcoat)]
I prefer it a bit more with topcoat because the glitter really shines through. Even with two thin coats of topcoat, it's still not smooth, so you definitely still keep the texture effect, just with a bit more gloss!

[2 coats: OPI Alcatraz... Rocks (with topcoat)]
All in all, definitely one of my favourite buys of the year so far!


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