; Plisherrific: Snow and Shine - Femme Fatale, Coco Allure, Candeo Colors

Jun 30, 2014

Snow and Shine - Femme Fatale, Coco Allure, Candeo Colors

I have my usual computer back (yay!) but I prepared a couple of glitter skittle posts so I thought I'll just get through them before going back to posting full manis.

[Left] Femme Fatale Sinister Calling, a beautiful glitter mix in predominantly purple and blue hues. Wonderfully complex and the bar glitter doesn't stick up too much. The base is a purple jelly so you can reach full opacity in 2-3 coats.
[Right] This is Coco Allure Cleopinktra, over a base of Coco Allure Like, Totally Pink. The base is a bright pink jelly with a strong purple/fuchsia sheen which you can see quite clearly in the photo. The glitter topcoat is a clear base packed full of purple, pink/magenta and gold glitter in various shapes and sizes. They go perfectly together!

From left to right:
[1] Femme Fatale A Tisket, A Tasket - beautiful combination of mint, green and aqua with some pink highlights, all in a pale green jelly/creme base.
[2] Femme Fatale Shimmering Snowcap - White and gold-leaning iridescent glitter, a delicate combination!
[3, 4] Candeo Colors Dolce - A sheer nude/pink jelly base with scattered glitter in shades of white, purple and pink. This is a really sweet polish and I think the more... sedate amount of glitter really works well here!

I've been really lazy about painting my nails recently, especially since it's the middle of winter and my fingers feel like they're freezing off while I'm waiting for the polish to dry! Oh, the trials and tribulations of a polish enthusiast...


  1. The first two glitter nail polish are both so very pretty. I super love the color of each. Its def a must have.

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