; Plisherrific: Glass Seas - Layla Turquoise Splash

Jun 5, 2014

Glass Seas - Layla Turquoise Splash

I'm on a Layla spree, and I'm loving it! This is Layla's Softouch Effect Turquoise splash.

[Layla Turquoise Splash]
Isn't this fabulous? Like all of Layla's Softouch Effect polishes, this one is a semi-matte. But the microglitter means it's still plenty shiny.

[Layla Turquoise Splash]
This is a good photo of Turquoise Splash under natural lighting, so it doesn't look like it's shiny and glossy. This semi-matte look is how it comes across in real life, except with a bit more sparkle from the microglitter.

Turquoise Splash is actually greener than any of my photos managed to capture. The colour in these photos are exactly like the colour of the nail polish in the bottle, but the colour of the mani on the nails are closer to a teal shade leaning towards green.

This is a gorgeous colour for a gorgeous nail polish, and I love it! I can't wait to try the rest of my Layla Softouch Effects!