; Plisherrific: Beautiful Flight - Color Club Angel Kiss, Color Club Eternal Beauty

Oct 24, 2013

Beautiful Flight - Color Club Angel Kiss, Color Club Eternal Beauty

This is a post on holos and extending the life of a mani. :)

[Under direct sunlight: Color Club Angel Kiss]
Holos on sunny days are the best. Isn't this amazing? I really love the Color Club Halo Hues collection. Ev has already reviewed Angel Kiss in more detail here, so I won't go into too much rapturous talk about it.

When Angel Kiss started chipping and I was feeling a little too lazy to apply a new mani altogether, I added a purple gradient instead. This is an awesome way to spice up a mani and also keep it on your nails longer if you like the base colour a lot. Applying another nail polish colour over the tips completely covers up any chipping.

[Aqua base: Color Club Angel Kiss
Purple tips: Color Club Eternal Beauty]
Under indirect indoor lighting, it's much harder to photograph the crazy blingyness of holo plish unfortunately. I reviewed Eternal Beauty awhile back with a comparison to Layla's purple holo, so you can check that out here if you missed that.

Angel Kiss and Eternal Beauty are rather different in how deep the colours are so it's not the smoothest of gradients, but I still like how it looks and it's so easy to do. It was great to keep the holo mani on for longer.

If you check in tomorrow, you can see how I used this as a base for yet another mani. :)


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