; Plisherrific: Scorching Savannah - Animal print transfer foil

Oct 7, 2013

Scorching Savannah - Animal print transfer foil

Here's a simple transfer foil featuring animal print that I wore a few weeks ago. I wasn't very fussed about how long it lasted and I was in a rush to go out, so I used the foil straight over my base coat rather than applying a matching base shade first.

Application wasn't perfect, but not too bad either and any gaps weren't visible from a distance anyway. I love transfer foils for when I'm in a rush and just want something shiny on!

I think I used Essence Gel-look topcoat over the transfer foil which I find doesn't wrinkle it as much as others I own. I'm still looking out for one which completely preserves the shininess though, especially for holo foils. Might have to try out Picture Polish's Revolution one day...


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