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Apr 3, 2012

Shopping in Sydney - Discontinued China Glaze, OPI DS

This is an entry for polish hauls and a tip-off for Sydney-siders, or those visiting Sydney, Australia (not the one in Nova Scotia :P). All prices in this entry are in Australian dollar. If you're after discontinued China Glaze and OPI polishes, these are good places to start off:

Essential Hair, Nails and Beauty Supplies
Shop A18/53 Park Road, Cabramatta, NSW

[Picture from Google Map's Street View. Circle by Rosanne and I :P]
I found this while searching for delicious fried chicken in Cabramatta, and instead came upon a store with racks of nail polishes. The store is on a little strip of mall, as circled in red above.

If you tend to buy your OPI online, the general OPI polishes here would be more expensive in comparison, having a starting price of $12.50. However, if you're after discontinued items, in particular the nail polish from the OPI Designer Series lines, they go for the same price, which is a total bargain compared to how much they go for on Ebay! Bargain with the owner a little, and you can get the price down to $12 a bottle at the very least, if you're buying more than one.

I didn't look around at anything else, but they do sell other hair products and beauty supplies.

There are two full racks holding OPI, as shown below, and a few smaller racks.

Rosanne gets full credit for pinpointing the exact location of the shop (after I had forgotten the address), taking photos of the OPI racks, and sending me the Google Map image! I have so much appreciation, despite the punny puns that have bombarded me! :P

ProNail Supply
9 Greenfield Pde, Bankstown, NSW

This is a nail polish and manicure equipment heaven for nail polish lovers like us.

Things they sell include:
OPI - $12
OPI DS - $13
Essie - $7/8 (can't remember for sure!)
Orly - $7
China Glaze - $6
Precision - $6
Other items like nail art accessories, fake nails, full-sized nail polish bottles, make up bottles, nail polish thinners, etc.

However, similar to the shop at Cabramatta, most of these go for lower prices online, even with shipping included. The best part about shopping at ProNail Supply though are the discontinued items. You have China Glaze's holographic OMG collection, China Glaze's Emerald Sparkle and Ruby Pumps that seem perpetually sold out in most places, some of OPI's DS collection, and some older Orly shades. I'm only so-so interested in Essie so I didn't really check those out. I don't have anything from Precision, but there looked to be some interesting shades there!

In regards to the OPI DS line, it's only a dollar difference between the two shops, but if you can't find something from the DS line at ProNail, they might be there at Essential Hair, Nail and Beauty Supplies! I only had a quick glance, but it did look like they had most of the OPI DS lines there, if not all.

Paddy's Market

Since we were asked where to get China Glaze, I thought I would include the stall at Paddy's Market. You can get China Glaze there for $8, but the collection is rather limited to only some of the recent collections. The stall is located towards the front of the market. If you come down from the escalators at the main entrance to Market City, turn left and walk a few stalls down. You'll see one that sells only cosmetics, beauty products and nail polish. Tada!

Alright, too much text, not enough pictures, so let's have a few random photos:

The above are OPI DS Sapphire, Mystery and Original, from left to right. Isn't Original's holo amazing? Ev gave me three gorgeous Essence glitters as well, which I'm not going to photograph since she already did in her haul post.

And these are all the ones I had intended to play with over the last few weeks.

Time! I seem to be lacking it!

So, where do you all buy your nail polish from? Do you have any online or physical stores to recommend?


  1. thank you so much! i dont live in sydney but my last trip i went around these places but didnt find any nail polish at all. Save this for my next trip

    1. Hopefully your next trip will be more successful then! I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for any good polish shopping spots, and will share them if I find any!

  2. Thanks muchly ladies!!! Cabramatta and Bankstown are a little bit of a trek for me, but I'm definitely going to check out Paddy's!!! Great guide!

    1. I thought it was a bit far for me as well, but since Ev and I went there as a sort of nail polish buying excursion, it wasn't actually too bad.

  3. Thanks Ladies, Added to my to do list next time I'm in Sydney.

    1. :) No problem! Hopefully this helps then, for a little extra Sydney shopping.

  4. I'm famous! ;)

    Will hopefully complete your mission this Sunday.

    And I saw this and thought of you (as does anything nail/nail polish-related, lately): http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/67855820.html

    Oh and Blogger is bogus, can't log a comment with an OpenID or Livejournal. Meh, I give up.

    1. I will be ever so pleased if you get to complete your Sunday mission! I looked at the ONTD entry...ahahaha, I love it! Thanks for linking! I think the Jaws mani is my favourite.

      Blogger likes giving us a hard time... :(

    2. The manis in the link aren't very good overall. I bet you and ev could do a much better job!

  5. Sydney...need to go!

    I've recently discovered a little in the middle of the mall shop called "My Beauty Spot" they sell OPI for $10 and have recent-ish collections: Holland, Katy Perry, Pirates, Shrek as well as the faves like Lincoln Park After Dark etc. If you google them I'm pretty sure they have shops all over the place. They also sell heavily discounted (maybe discontinued?) MAC products if you're into that as well :)

    1. Oooh, thank you! That's an awesome tip and I'll be sure to check them out! :D

  6. Oooh I go to the shop in Cabra all the time XD. If you're driving to Cabra and go via the Hume Highway, there are also 2 nail supply stores just after the Meccano Set (heading towards Cabra). One sold some OPIs at a discounted rate (last time I went it was $10) and another has a rack of China Glaze for $7ish. I think one was called Diamond Nail, don't quote me on that.

  7. You are so lucky to have found a place like this!

  8. wow, i really like the collection. If this shop would have been near my place I would have purchased them immediately. I would like to share something related to Discontinued China.