; Plisherrific: New Year Heat - Orly, LA Colors, Dong Dong

Jan 3, 2013

New Year Heat - Orly, LA Colors, Dong Dong

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! May the year be filled with a variety of innovative and exciting new polish! :D

I decided to keep it simple this new year. And to be honest, I only remembered to photograph this after a few days, so it does show some wear.

Base: Dong Dong 21
Middle: LA Colors Gold Nugget over Dong Dong 21
Tips: LA Colors Gold Nugget over Orly Luxe
By now, you already know I love gradient manis. I achieved this one with the usual sponging method, but I had to use Orly Luxe nearer to the tips since LA Colors Gold Nugget wasn't dense enough to fully cover the red foil base (Dong Dong 21). Yes, the name of that nail polish is still amusing. :P  With two coats of Gold Nugget (bright orange-gold) over Luxe (pale gold foil), I got the bright, rich gold colour I wanted. Voila! The things I do when I can't find just the exact shade of nail polish I want...

Rather than jelly nail polishes, I think foil nail polishes might be better for gradients, just because they look cooler!

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