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Dec 27, 2012

Square Stickies - brandless nail stickers

I thought I would be more enthusiastic about Christmas manis but my interest sort of fizzled out last week. So let me just show you a little something I have been meaning to post for awhile.

Nail stickers! I bought these brandless nail stickers off Ebay for $2. I actually have a bunch of them with different patterns and use them once or twice a month, whenever I fancy something shiny and interesting. I have to say, they're pretty good for their price. They're thin, so they're easy to stretch over curvy nails.

I cheat a little when I apply them. I'm too lazy to cut them to the right width (measurement is hard!) so any that are wider than my nails, I stick them on and go over the excess gently with the pointy end of a metal ruler. Then I peel the excess off. For excess over the tips, I just buff off with the rough side of a nail buffer. That's the easiest. In my experience, square/squavol nails are better suited for nail stickers than round nails.

There was a nice holographic shine to the silver bits of these nail stickers, as you can see. I got a lot of nice comments on these ones, with questions on how I did this mani. :P  I didn't take any credit!

Nail stickers, like foils, won't last very long. These ones looked perfect for a day and a half, before they start peeling at the edges a little. I wore these for five days before they peeled too much. Another cheat I do is actually use a nice nail polish underneath the nail stickers, which are similar-ish in colour to the stickers. If they peel too much when I'm outside, I just peel off the stickers entirely and voila, still have a nice mani underneath! :D

You can see from these two pictures that the sides of the sticker on the middle finger have small wrinkles. The downside to not cutting to size and rushing! They're only visible from up-close. Those that fit perfectly without excess sticker will apply more smoothly.

One day, I'll trial Sally Hansen's nail stickers and see if they are much better than these cheapies.

So what do you think about my bargain nail stickers? :)


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