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Aug 4, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Batman-inspired Manicure

Okay, this is pretty sad, but I have a reason for it! I had great plans for this, (Jme and I went to watch TDKR on Thurs night!!) but Wednesday night, I managed to introduce my left ring fingernail to a razor in a ... not very nice way. So that kinda put a dampener on my nail art enthusiasm (and finger functionality)... But nevertheless, I stumbled onwards!

[What is this?]

Hahaha, maybe one day I will try this again...

[Bottle to nail: Revlon Carbonite (1 coat)]
I started with a base of Revlon Carbonite. Now, a lot of fuss has been made about this being a (possibly shamelessly intentional?) Chanel Graphite dupe. I didn't really take note because it seemed a fairly uninteresting shade....

[1 coat: Revlon Carbonite]
I just purchased it anyway because it only cost AUD3 at the markets so I thought, OH WELL. (The same thing happened with me and Perplex...) But I tried it on and was like WHOA! You see, I initially thought it was a glass fleck shimmer but it turned out to be this gorgeous taupe, almost foil, and beautifully smooth to boot, no streaks to speak of.

[1 coat: Revlon Carbonite]
Not only that... all these photos are seriously ONE COAT only. I am totes serious, Mr Joker, sir. ONE COAT. Lol, I name my photo folders silly things on my computer.. this was Carbonknight, GET IT??? Hahaha, oh gee shut up, Ev! Anyway, enough babble...

[Base: Revlon Carbonite (1 coat); Stamp: Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl; Acrylic paint]
I stamped my pinky with bats using Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl, stamped my ring finger with a lace pattern, then used either black acrylic paint or polish to fill in the rest. I'm a lefty so my injured finger meant me holding my paintbrush in an OVERLY FANCY MANNER, I DO SAY.

[Three little piggies...]
I meant to do a lace pattern like the mask Selina Kyle wears during the dance but I think the essence of Catwoman got lost especially since the ears sort of fade into the shape. Batman is just Batman and Bane is err.. finally a good use of my overly curved index finger!

Aaah, the squiggles. OH MY LORDY. How embarrassing, but I'll just put this out there. HAH! I can definitely do better... some other day... =p


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