; Plisherrific: Glitterazzle-dazzle - Milani, Nabi, Canmake, Kleancolor, Picture Polish, Nailventurous

Aug 22, 2012

Glitterazzle-dazzle - Milani, Nabi, Canmake, Kleancolor, Picture Polish, Nailventurous

So I often play around with layering glitters so I end up with lots of photos of glitter layering skittles. I tell myself it's to remind me what they look like for the next time I'm looking to layer on some glitz... Although... whether I can correctly remember the combinations might be another matter entirely...

Here's a selection of skittles I've done!

From left to right:
[1] Milani Teal from the One Coat Glitter collection, possibly over Essence Blue Addicted. Excellent depth but formula can be a bit thick.
[2] Picture Polish Mask-a-rade over a black creme (LA Girl Blackout). Mask-a-rade is a combo of three different multichrome glitters. You can sort of see the colour shift in the photo.
[3] Nail-Venturous Floam... no idea over what... O_o;; Floam is a combination of blue and yellow matte glitter.

From left to right:

[1] Nabi Party Mania Glitter over a plain black creme (LA Girl Blackout). Party Mania is a black jelly base with a combo of 3 different-sized hex glitters in blue, gold, silver, yellow and magenta. I somehow didn't get any magenta on this skittle. There's also a sprinkling of large green hexes which I also did not pick up. An interesting one, for sure! Not super dense on the glitter so strictly a layering glitter.

[2] Oh deaar... This is some blue base possibly also Essence Blue Addicted... then topped with Canmake 30, a blue jelly with loads of iridescent glitter (the stuff flashing blue and gold). THEN, topped with a layer of Nabi Lilac Jumbo Glitter... which is a crazy mishmash of three sizes of gold-green duochrome glitter and purple holographic bar glitter.

[3] This is a base of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Scarlet (previously posted here) and then topped with Nabi Lilac Jumbo Glitter like the middle skittle.

Geeeee, that took longer than I expected to type out... My glitter polishes are taking over the collection, oh no! Oh, who am I kidding...MORE LIKE OH, YEAHHHHH~ ;D


  1. Wow I love this post! :) Once I couldn't stand glitters but now I'm falling in love with every glitter polish I see. Not a good thing. They look so cute! I like a lot the 2nd finger in the 2nd picture...