; Plisherrific: Red Galaxy - Flormar Supershine Miracle U12, NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter

Aug 13, 2012

Red Galaxy - Flormar Supershine Miracle U12, NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter

Is this another questionable layering experiment? Who knows!! I thought it didn't turn out toooo bad myself...

[I thought it looked vaguely galaxy-like... Emphasis on 'vaguely'...]
I started with a base of Flormar Supershine Miracle U12, an amazingly dense red foil with heavy gold shimmer. You could probably get away with one carefully applied thick coat but I used two to deepen and even out the colour.

[Bottle to nail: Flormar Supershine Miracle U12 (2 coats)]
The upper image with the bottle is under extremely diffuse lighting so the shininess isn't as obvious so I took the second one with a bright source to show the extreme glitteriness you get with this polish!

[2 coats: Flormar Supershine Miracle U12]
I was super impressed with the three Flormar polishes I picked up but ALAS, they shut their physical stall in Parramatta soon after I purchased these and their online store only has limited shades available.

[Base: Flormar Supershine Miracle U12 (2 coats); Glitter: NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter]
I then popped on one coat of NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter, one of my favourite layering glitters, plus a bonus layer of LA Girl Glitters in Uninhibited on the ring finger. I do like testing out strange glitter combinations... but most of the time the results are.... questionable! =p


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