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Aug 27, 2012

Stardust - Mode Gothic Crown

A simple swatch today - I think I've mentioned before, but I've been pretty impressed with some of Mode's offerings. Mode can be found in selected pharmacies for AUD2.45 and they have an impressive colour range. I picked up a couple of glitters and heavy shimmers which have so far not disappointed!

Here's Mode Gothic Crown, a black jelly base absolutely jam-packed with silver glitter.

[Bottle to nail: Mode Gothic Crown (2 coats)]
I am so impressed with this polish - the black does not drown out the sparkle at all and the density of the glitter is amazing. I think this was two coats... Perfect formula, dried fast and SMOOTH!

[2 coats: Mode Gothic Crown]
The interesting thing is the glitter isn't really round or hex - I can't quite make it out but it looks somewhat rectangular? But more irregular-like... It could be what angle you view it at though!

[2 coats: Mode Gothic Crown]
Highly recommend picking this up, along with Mode's Vicious Venom (green glitter, again jam-packed) and Rock Me Sweet (magenta and silver glitter in magenta jelly base)! Also... how sexy is that name! Gothic Crown, mmmm! =D

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