; Plisherrific: Spot the Difference - Rimmel Bestival Blue, Sally Hansen Barracuda

May 14, 2018

Spot the Difference - Rimmel Bestival Blue, Sally Hansen Barracuda

Sometimes a mani just comes together... even when you didn't plan it that way!

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This is one of those... I was actually trying to decide which blue to use and so had swatched one shade on each finger. Then I thought to myself... that looks pretty good together! And so, this mani came to be~

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen Barracuda (2 coats)]
The lighter blue shade is Sally Hansen Barracuda from the Complete Salon Manicure range. This one is sort of a pale duck egg blue. Nice colour but the formula was a bit of a pain. Not very opaque, a bit prone to flooding and fairly long dry time. However, I persevered and used two coats for these!

[Bottle to nail: Rimmel Bestival Blue (2 coats)]
On every alternate nail, I used Rimmel Bestival Blue from the Rita Ora series. This is a great cornflower blue shade (and one I suspect is very similar to others in my collection!) with good opacity and dry time. Could possibly be a one coater but I used two here.

[Base + Spots: Sally Hansen Barracuda (2 coats), Rimmel Bestival Blue (2 coats)]
I then used a dotting tool to place spots of the other colour on each base shade. Topcoat generously and there you go! It actually gives a bit of a textured finish due to the raised spots. A fun happy manicure that I was quite pleased with!


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