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May 4, 2018

Earth's Mightiest Heroes - hēhē stamping plates

So who has watched Marvel's Infinity War?? :D  I wanted to pay homage to the culmination of 10 years of Marvel movies with manis of my faves:

[I Am Iron Man]

[I Can Do This All Day]

So these are the results of stamping and then I painted in some parts with more nail polish. I don't think I'm going to list out all the nail polish used, because I used so many! Let me just mention the stamping nail polishes I used.

For the first photo (Iron Man's), I used MdU Reddish (creme red), Hit the Bottle's Spun Gold (chrome gold) and Hit the Bottle Chromeo (chrome silver). For example, for the Iron Man helmet on the pinkie nail, I stamped with MdU Reddish and then I painted the faceplate part with gold foil nail polish.

For the second photo (Captain America's), I used MdU Reddish (creme red), Hit the Bottle's A bolt from the Blue (chrome blue), and Hit the Bottle Chromeo (chrome silver). For the middle finger with Captain America's face, I stamped with A bolt from the Blue and then painted in the white bits and the skin coloured bits too.

You might notice the Captain America shield on my ring finger is actually... not right. It was just impossible to stamp it so that it got the right alternating colours so I went for the closest I could. Also... you might notice the red and white star on my index finger... the words around it are... backwards. I basically stamped it and then painted on the wrong side, omg. Oh well...

Let's see the stamping plates:

[hēhē Super Hero 001 stamping plate]
This is hēhē's Super Hero 001 stamping plate, which is the Captain America plate. It has some generic stars and spots patterns which you can use if you want something less geeky. It's also really nice to stamp Cap's shield, because it's so hard to do circles free hand haha. 

[I Can Do This All Day]
Here's another shot of the Captain America manicure. I really liked that there was a stamp for Steve Rogers' face, and it's just the perfect size for the nails. Cap's shield stamping is really cool and recognisable too, people notice it from far away. The little pinkie nail is actually the Avengers' team's symbol, the 'A'. I've given it a blue and red background, to give it a Captain America feel.

[hēhē Super Hero 002 stamping plate]
This is hēhē's Super Hero 002 stamping plate which is Iron Man's plate. There were so many great Iron Man options here, it's just full on nerdy. I love that you even have a whole set of different Iron Man suits on the bottom left of the plate. And so many arc reactor options!

[I Am Iron Man]
Here's a close-up of my favourite manis of the superhero lot. The Iron Man helmet on my pinkie finger is just such an iconic look, and it stamps really well. The Iron Man suit on my ring finger came out looking so awesome too! So simple but beautiful. I stamped with Spun Gold, and then painted in the red parts and the glowing blue eyes. I just love how amazing it looks!

[I Am Iron Man]
I'm not to keen on how the arc reactor turned out. It's my bad, I chose way too light a blue, thinking that would make it glowy looking. You can sort of see the silver arc reactor lines, though it kind of blended in with the blue. But the silver circuitry turned out nice at least.

So that's my extremely geeky Captain America and Iron Man themed manicure for the Infinity War. I hope you enjoyed the movie!


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