; Plisherrific: Morning Sky - Dance Legend Hide and Seek

May 31, 2018

Morning Sky - Dance Legend Hide and Seek

It's winter! Which means it's freezing but perfect for my thermal colour changing nail polishes!

[Dance Legend Hide and Seek]
This is Dance Legend's Hide and Seek, a thermal colour changing nail polish with blue microglitter in it and that dries semi-matte. As you can see, the nail polish in the bottle is magenta, because that's it's cool shade. Against my warm nail bed, the nail polish is a dusky gray-purple shade.

The colour shift on this one is magnificent. Most of the time, it looks like I did a mani to paint my tips a different colour. But really, any shift in temperature changes the colour significantly.

[Dance Legend Hide and Seek]
 You can see the blue microglitter in this one. I like how densely packed they are in the bottle.

As always, Dance Legend produces some of the nicest colour changing nail polishes. I'm really loving this one, with the purple to magenta shifts in colour, and the blue microglitter to change things up.


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