; Plisherrific: Ember Rust - Born Pretty Wine Malaga BPH03

May 21, 2018

Ember Rust - Born Pretty Wine Malaga BPH03

My collection of red holographic polishes is increasing in size...! I just can't resist!

[Red Corvette]
Today's shade was generously supplied by Born Pretty for review. This is Wine Malaga (BPH03) from the Born Pretty Holo Series here. I think it's a great autumn/winter shade (yes, we are in Australia here...).

[Born Pretty Wine Malaga BPH03]
This polish comes in a cardboard box with a shiny holographic label to tell you what shade is inside. There's also a little round window cutout so you can see the bottle inside.

[Bottle to nail: Born Pretty Wine Malaga BPH03 (2 coats)]
As you can see, Wine Malaga is more of a orangey-red. The holo particles are fine and scattered. I'm not sure if it's due to the base shade, but rather than a rainbow holo flame, you get more of a red-orange flame effect from the holographic particles.

[2 coats: Born Pretty Wine Malaga BPH03]
This is an interesting formula! It's slightly uneven at one coat, as the holo particles tend to pool rather than spread. It needs a quick confident hand with strokes to avoid bare patches. This clears up with two coats, which is what I have on here. Oh, and also! Strangely enough, it dries matte! I definitely wanted a rich glossy shine, so I used a generous layer of topcoat after.

[2 coats: Born Pretty Wine Malaga BPH03]
You can see a faint hint on my ring finger here where the holo particles were less obvious. It's really such a rich luxurious shade once applied though! I definitely recommend a decent base coat as this polish may stain your nails due to the amount of red pigment.

If you want to check out Wine Malaga, head over to Born Pretty! There are lots of other holographic shades in this range too. As usual, our discount code above will give you an additional 10% off full-priced items. =)


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