; Plisherrific: To Infinity and Beyond - Dance Legend Rings of Saturn

Aug 4, 2016

To Infinity and Beyond - Dance Legend Rings of Saturn

I can safely say that Dance Legend's Rings of Saturn, from their Bow - Out of Space collection, is one of my favourite foil flakie nail polish.

[Dance Legend Rings of Saturn]
Just look at how gorgeous Rings of Saturn is, on the nails and in the bottle. You can click on any of the photos in this post for an extra large photo, which shows the flakies in detail! :D  The nail polish is a riot of colours in the form of multichrome foil flakies. Where do I even begin to describe it? There's blue to green to gold flakies and there's blue to purple to fuchsia flakies. It's a stunningly visible colour shift and with the irregularity of flakie shapes to keep it interesting.

I know I have previously said that I love nail polish bottles that are rectangular and boxy in shape because they make for such easy opening, especially when your nails are already wet. Well, I obviously love these nail polish bottles, but I also love the Bow collections packaging, each in their individual box with a bow cut-out that gives the collection its name. How pretty is that?

[Dance Legend Rings of Saturn]
Look at those flakies in the above picture! And there's no need for a black base coat either. Rings of Saturn is opaque in two to three coats, and it applies smoothly. What a lovely result for a no muss, no fuss, straightforward mani.


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