; Plisherrific: Lay It Out - Australis Midday Mimosa, Hit the Bottle Snowed In, Born Pretty Harunouta L010

Aug 29, 2016

Lay It Out - Australis Midday Mimosa, Hit the Bottle Snowed In, Born Pretty Harunouta L010

I usually like to break my stamping posts up into separate posts so it doesn't get too long, but I'm gonna try to breeze through in one go today!

[The good linen]
Okay, so comments about this mani ranged from tablecloths to tea towels, so the plaid/gingham vibe is certainly getting through..

[Bottle to nail: Australis Midday Mimosa (2 coats)]
I started out with a base of Australis Midday Mimosa, an almost-neon coral-pink shade. It's actually more pink than my photos suggest but it's one of those colours that are just so difficult to photograph correctly even after colour correction.

[2 coats: Australis Midday Mimosa]
These photos are two coats, giving a nice smooth finish. The formula was a bit on the thick side though, and definitely needs at least two coats to get an even result - bear in mind my nails are fairly short at the moment as well.

Anyway, after topcoating I then proceeded to the stamping part!

[Harunouta plate L010]
This was the plate I used, again generously provided for review by Born Pretty. This is Harunouta (春の歌) plate L010 from Born Pretty. As stated in our previous reviews, Born Pretty plates come with a storage sleeve and protective blue film which you then peel off to reveal your shiny new plate.

[Harunouta plate L010]
Design-wise, this is most definitely fabric-inspired - you have your houndstooth, various plaid patterns, some argyle and even a canvas-texture design. The triangle designs are also a bonus, and most seem to be Christmas sweater/Fair Isle inspired geometrics. The design I picked is the plaid on the top right square.

[Bottle to nail: Hit the Bottle Snowed In; Plate: Harunouta L010;
Base: Australis Midday Mimosa (2 coats)]
I decided to stamp in a plain white creme (Hit the Bottle Snowed In), to tone down the neon base as well as to better simulate a classic plaid pattern. So here's the result!

[Plate to nail: Harunouta L010; Stamping: Hit the Bottle Snowed In;
Base: Australis Midday Mimosa (2 coats)]
It was actually kind of interesting stamping with this plate because the designs are at an angle! The squares are definitely large enough to cover even long nails. I think you'd need to be a bit more careful with the triangle designs, either working with shorter nails or careful partial stamps.

[Base: Australis Midday Mimosa (2 coats);
Hit the Bottle Snowed In, Harunouta L010]
Overall, I'm really happy with the result! No issues at all using the plate - nice deeply engraved patterns. I'm looking forward to trying out more of the prints!

[Harunouta plate L010]
I did some extremely quick test stamps on paper (with very minimal stamping polish as you can tell...) just to see how well the patterns are picked up and colour me impressed!! I'm particularly keen on the christmas patchwork and the argyle-inspired prints for my next go!

If you're interested, you can pick up the plate here, currently on sale for USD2.99. As usual, use our 10% off code for other items in store at Born Pretty. Happy stamping!


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