; Plisherrific: Blushing Pink - Rimmel New Romantic

Aug 15, 2016

Blushing Pink - Rimmel New Romantic

Just a basic shade today, maybe unique because I rarely ever wear colours like this!

[Bottle to nail: Rimmel New Romantic (3 coats)]
This is Rimmel's New Romantic from one of their Kate Moss collections. New Romantic is a pastel pink creme/jelly (crelly!) with very subtle silvery shimmer.

[3 coats: Rimmel New Romantic]
Formula-wise, I think it could've been better but wasn't tooo difficult to work with. It requires three coats to be opaque enough for my tastes. Although it levels fine, I did find the formula quite thick so you do end up with quite a bit of polish on your nail after all coats are down. This also means you have to be careful to let it dry completely so it doesn't dent!

[3 coats: Rimmel New Romantic]
I did think it was fun to have something a bit different! I was trying to be a bit more subtle as there was a work event scheduled but yep, definitely got a few comments from colleagues about how 'different' it was for me to turn up with a demure soft pink manicure.. haha!


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