; Plisherrific: Star Party - Sally Hansen Spark, Polish Me Silly Fun House

Jan 25, 2016

Star Party - Sally Hansen Spark, Polish Me Silly Fun House

Okay, we're getting to more recent manis now. Here's a layering combo I wore recently!

[Flakie paradise]
Can't really go wrong with a dark base and flakies, then a matte topcoat!

[Bottle to nail: Sally Hansen Spark (2 coats)]
I started with a two coats of Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Spark. Spark is a lovely deep blue with lots of fine pink and blue glitter which gives it a little hint of blurple in the light

[2 coats: Sally Hansen Spark]
Good opacity in two coats and dried quickly. You can see my test nail there...

[Bottle to nail: Polish Me Silly Fun House (1 coat, mattified);
Base: Sally Hansen Spark (2 coats)]
This here is another lovely gift from Jme last year! I'm getting through them slowly but surely!! =) This is Fun House from Polish Me Silly, a clear base packed with green, pink and blue duochrome flakies. These photos are all one coat dabbed.

[Base: Sally Hansen Spark (2 coats); Flakie: Polish Me Silly Fun House (1 coat; mattified)]
In the top photo, I've put matte topcoat over the ring finger but not the rest, just to show the difference. The last photo shows them all mattified - but I reckon it's gorgeous both ways!


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