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Jan 4, 2016

Party Central - Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo

Yay, Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a fabulous silly season~ I'm sure a lot of us are very reluctantly headed back to work this morning... ;)

[Bottle to nail: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo (2 coats)]
Also, what better way to ring in a bright shiny new year with a bright shiny holographic polish! Lacquistry Amazeballz: Original is already a spectacularly reflective full-coverage gold flake polish (check it out here!), but with the addition of holographic glitter, it kinda goes into full-on party mode, so what better polish to use for the holidays than Amazeballz: Holo!

[2 coats: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo]
Much like the original version, Amazeballz Holo is easy to apply, quick to dry and opaque in two coats. The holographic particles are scattered, giving a nice twinkly effect but not overwhelming the gold flakes.

[2 coats: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo]
Wear was also pretty good. I had this on my nails from before Christmas to after the New Year with minimal chipping. Removal can get a little messy with tiny gold flakes hanging around persistently, but nothing too hard to deal with.

[2 coats: Lacquistry Amazeballz: Holo]
Anyway, my polish resolution is to get back into stamping and other assorted nail art techniques. There've been so many amazing and creative methods in the last year or two and I really need to sit down and give 'em all a try!


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