; Plisherrific: Full Metal - Gold Dots Holo Nail Foil

Jan 11, 2016

Full Metal - Gold Dots Holo Nail Foil

Evidently, I'm not quite done with the blingy gold manicures just yet! 

Here's a simple nail foil manicure featuring a large particle holo effect in a metallic gold shade. As usual, check out our Foils tag for more nail foil manicures and how-to-apply.

[Nail foil: Gold Dots (holo)]
I actually used this to test Picture Polish's Revolution, which is listed as a "glitter base coat + foil top coat". I was really hopeful that this would not dull the holo or wrinkle the foil!

[Nail foil: Gold Dots (holo)]
Weeellll, it didn't quiiite wrinkle the foil completely nor remove the holo, but you can see that it's just a bit less metallic and holo than we started with. More of a brushed metal look than megabling. Still, it's not toooo bad! I think I'll have to experiment more!


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