; Plisherrific: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Nubar, Orly, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, Ulta3, Dong Dong

Apr 26, 2012

Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Nubar, Orly, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, Ulta3, Dong Dong

It's Avengers week! At least, it is in Australia! I'm so excited about this movie, so it's really no surprise what this entry contains...

[Captain America, Iron Man, Shield, Black Widow]
Avengers inspired nails! Aaaaah, my dork side is showing, but I can't bring myself to care! Even writing the caption for the photos is cracking me up. I'll go into detail about the nail polishes I used later on, there were just too many.

[Captain America, Iron Man, Shield, Black Widow]
Look, I took a million pictures in my over-excitement, so I'm sharing a few of the million, which is a mark of my great restraint!

[Captain America, Iron Man, Shield, Black Widow]
This seems like a sad selection of symbols compared to the full cast of The Avengers. The thing is, these are the most obvious symbols I could think up. The others are kinda difficult, or even more kiddy-like. (I didn't want to draw a hammer to represent Thor. -.- ) I also wanted a more colour-coordinated mani. Shield's logo is against silver, so it got the accent nail. Also...I didn't want to try to squeeze Shield's logo onto my pinkie. Black Widow was enough of a nightmare.

[Black Widow]
Macro shots! So Black Widow in the movie doesn't actually wear a black widow symbol, but since that's her superhero name, she gets represented by one. The background is Ulta3's English Rose layered over Nubar's Fire Sparkle. I wanted a bit more glitter, but I also wanted it lighter than Fire Sparkle. The spider was drawn on using Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen Black/Noir. The legs were drawn on using Artline 200 Fine 0.4, because I needed finer lines than I could manage with the nail art pen. The orange triangles on the spider's back (which I took some artistic interpretation with) is Orly's Orange Punch. 

This is actually the second time I drew Black Widow. I did another interpretation, which I didn't share, a couple weeks back when I was testing out the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen: 

[Black Widow, Take 1]
It was done on my ring finger, and since that gave me more space, I think my first attempt was actually a lot nicer. This one is against Revlon's Watermelon Fizz.

Shield's eagle logo is set against Sally Hansen's Celeb City, which is a silver foil. The eagle was done with Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen Black/Noir as well. As you can see, it's hard to get sharp corners with its thick tip. I used the Artline pen for the semi-circles around the eagle.

I just realised that the director's chairs in front of Shield's symbol says Iron Man and Captain America, ahaha. But why?? Where's Joss Whedon to sit?

[Iron Man]
HELLO, IRON MAN! He's my favourite! And unfortunately, the least successful of my interpretations. :(  In trying to make the Iron Man mask cover most of my nail, I made his face too long. I didn't have a yellow enough gold as well. And I couldn't make the eyes glow despite my attempts at the tiniest gradients ever! Frustrating all around! I couldn't even take a proper macro shot of Iron Man without it turning out all blurry.

The background is China Glaze's Ruby Pumps, and the gold used here is Orly's Luxe. The gold mask was done by taping off the red parts I didn't want painted over. That took some planning. The black lines were done freehand with the Artline pen, and the white eyes is Glamnails Nail Art Pen Snow White.

[Captain America's shield]
The red here is Dong Dong 21, which is a red foil, the silver is Sally Hansen's Celeb City, and the blue is Nubar's Night Sparkle, which is a deep blue jelly with blue glitter.

The smallest red circle is so tiny because I was using round stickers as my guideline, and I couldn't find one at just the right size. Based on what I did for the silver circle, I think I could have cut out my own circles and make a much better shield. Maybe for the sequel. :P  I am so stupidly proud of that star. It was difficult to do! I used the Glamnails Nail Art Pen Snow White to draw it, and went over it with Celeb City using a dotting tool.

[Captain America, Iron Man, Shield, Black Widow]
So, what do you think? Did I succeed in having an Avengers themed manicure? Or did you go, 'What on earth are these?' before I did the comparison pictures?

In any case, you might have noticed that my thumb was left out. I broke my thumb nail about a week ago, which is just heartbreaking. :(  One of my workmates insisted I did something Avengers themed on it as well. Since it's so stubby, I couldn't really think of something that would fit nicely. I was tempted to draw the Hulk, but green would clash with the rest of my nails, and I didn't think I would have enough space. I thought I would try to have something Hawkeye-related instead:

[Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man, Shield, Black Widow]
AHAHAHAHA! Hawkeye, archer extraordinaire, represented by cupid's bow and arrow. Oh Jme. I considered that a total fail and wiped it off.

By the time I took the above picture, I had been wearing this mani for a few days, so there's some wear on the other nails. A sign of how fond I am of this is that this has lasted more than 5 days, and I'm still wearing it! I'm amazed they lasted so well against all the abuse I have put them through this week.

In case you're wondering (I bet no one is wondering), the title comes from a line in the trailer: "And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat, to fight the foes no single superhero could withstand. On that day, The Avengers were born."

Of course, there's also the cartoon titled The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which I find most fitting since my mani is rather cartoonish.

Alright, enough geekiness from me. I'll be watching The Avengers movie tonight, so I'm all gleeful!


  1. OHMYGOD, that is so awesomeeeee! I'll leave a longer comment later when I shouldn't be late leaving the house, lol! BUT SO AMAZEBALLS (especially on your baby nails hehe). A++!

    1. Don't call my nails baby nails! ;___;

      I totally let my geek out with this one, didn't I? :P

  2. OMG you guys are amazing! I just started reading your blog within the past hour and I am flitting from post to post in a frenzy. Great nail art, a fun writing style, and quality pictures... :D

    Also, thanks for adding another green polish to my lemming list. I already had Emerald Sparkle crossed off, but now I have to add Lime Sparkle!

    Now I'm gonna go back to reading and I will Like you guys on Facebook so I won't miss updates. Hope you guys have a great day! :)

    1. :D :D :D I can't begin to describe how much your comment made me grin! I'm amazed anyone likes our writing style, especially my overly wordy one. :P

      Yay to another addition on your lemming list!

      We're still catching up to posting our updates on Facebook, due to a period where we were struggling with format issues. Hopefully we'll catch up soon!

  3. Ridiculously amazing! I am so jealous! Knew what it was straight away and cannot wait to see the movie :) Great great job! Love it!

    1. Awww, thank you! No need to be jealous, whip out your nail art pens too! Have you seen the movie yet? I have to say that I do love it! :D

  4. This is so awesome-geeky, it's perfect! :)

  5. whoaaa AWESOMEEEE!!!!!! i love how you did ironman, he looks great! ironman and spiderman are my favorite :3 i can't wait to see the movie when it comes out! so jealous you already have haha (:

    1. :D Thank you! Iron Man is my favourite character in Avengers! And I do love Spider-man as well! I can't wait till the Spider-man reboot comes out mid-year.

      Eeeeeee, The Avengers is totally worth the wait! I hope you enjoy the movie too!

  6. These designs are gorgeous, and really well done! That black widow is absolutely flawless. Love it.